CDSM Plug-In or CDSM Portal

Speed of Care Decision Support offers two alternative solutions to meet the PAMA mandate. The first is our CDSM Plug-in — a web-based widget that you can integrate into your existing EHR, CPOE or custom ordering application.  The Plug-in provides the clinical decision support mechanism integrated into the ordering physician’s work flow. The CDSM Plug-in is best suited for system integrators or web developers responsible for upgrading their systems to meet the PAMA mandate.

The second solution is our CDSM Portal.  The Portal is a standalone application that allows ordering physicians to submit radiology orders to your imaging center/department.  Since the the Portal also includes the CDSM Plug-in, your ordering physicians will automatically consult with a CDSM when creating the order and thereby adhere to the PAMA mandate.  The CDSM Portal is best suited for imaging centers/departments that currently lack any order entry capabilities for their outreach physicians.

Speed of Care CDSM Plug-In

Speed of Care’s CDSM Plug-in makes compliance with Medicare’s PAMA requirements quick and easy.

The plug-in is a web-based widget that provides a clinical decision support user interface, a rules engine, backend storage and reporting.

There’s no need to rewrite your existing EHR or CPOE application.  You can seamlessly integrate our CDSM Plug-in using just a few lines of HTML and JavaScript.  Your existing application will continue to function just as it always has. This architecture keeps the client system in control: managing the patient information, tracking the order transaction, and invoking the plug-in.  Speed of Care’s CDSM Plug-in provides the CDSM intervention.

It’s easy to deploy and easy to use.

The Advantages of  the Speed of Care Decision Support Solution

  • Easy to integrate
  • Ability to augment, authorize/manage your own custom rules
  • Real-time clinical decision support
  • Easy to use by providers – provide seamless workflow integration for EHR, CPOE, other systems that initiate orders
  • Lower cost structure
  • Cloud-based
  • Proven content – reference PLE AUC guidelines at the point-of-care
  • Incorporates AUC from multiple PLEs
  • Meets all the CMS requirements for the mandate

How It Works
Speed of Care Decision Support is a cloud-based software-as-service platform for delivering clinical decision support to clinical applications — a “CDS-as-a-service”. Speed of Care’s CDSM Plug-in uses a flexible XML rules-based engine that can accommodate Appropriate Use Criteria from any source and can be quickly updated to accommodate evolving best practices. The Plug-in’s user interface is designed to guide the provider through the decision support intervention quickly and accurately. By hosting much of the backend functionality in the cloud, the CDSM Plug-in is easily integrated into EHRs, CPOEs or other custom order entry applications. Leveraging modern cloud technology’s high capacity and low cost infrastructure, Speed of Care delivers a highly-reliable, responsive, and robust service.


The figure below is an example of a web-based radiology order entry system.  A primary benefit of the Speed of Care service is its ease of integration with ordering systems like this one.  Our CDSM plugs into any ordering system, EHR, RIS, Referral or CPOE.  The CDSM Plug-in supports “front-end integration” using a small but flexible set of declaratives and APIs to add a CDSM to an existing application. This supports a seamless user experience and avoids such backend complexities as HL7 messaging hubs, local software installation or batch file transfers.

Our “Smart Search” matches patient indications and symptoms and reduces the number of clicks to get to an imaging recommendation.

When invoked from the client application, the plug-in displays the AUC as an overlay (aka “lightbox”) on the client application’s user interface.

The ordering professional then completes the AUC by simply choosing the indications presented by the CDSM Plug-in. When the ordering professional completes the AUC, the results are displayed as “Appropriate”, “Not Appropriate”, or “Not Applicable.” If the AUC defines a numeric score (1-9) representing strength of evidence, the score is displayed as well.  At this point the ordering professional may view the underlying guidelines by clicking the “Reference” button, revise the consult indications, or complete the intervention by clicking the “Save” button.

When the ordering professional clicks the “Save” button, the AUC results are saved both to Speed of Care’s database and returned to the client application to be included with the order.

CDSM Plug-in Integration and API
The CDSM Plug-in provides a small but flexible set of declaratives and APIs to add the CDSM to a third-party application. It provides the flexibility and capability to accommodate the requirements of most web-based ordering applications, mobile and desktop.

Configuration and Rules Management
As a multi-tenant service, Speed of Care allows administrators to configure the scope and behavior of the CDSM Plug-in to meet each local site’s requirements.  This includes default settings, users, credentials and permissions.  Additionally, administrators may define the set of AUCs available to each site’s ordering professionals.

Dashboard / Reports
Speed of Care provides a dashboard and reporting tool for all ordering professionals.  The reporting tool allows ordering professionals and their management a wide range or reports and reporting tools:

  • Customize reports to view one or multiple providers (based on user authorization)
  • Compare utilization results
  • Access patterns of image ordering including areas for improvement
  • Generate queries on CDS results
  • Report, evaluate & benchmark performance against standards
  • Track clinical referrals, identify gaps, opportunities and outliers
  • View summary provider statistics
  • View detail on individual consults for specific provider
  • Filter reporting period
  • Compare results across providers

Speed of Care CDSM Portal

The Speed of Care CDSM Portal provides referring physicians with an online ordering system that includes a built-in CDSM. It’s simple to learn and easy to use. The portal is a complete stand-alone web-based solution that allows your affiliated physicians to submit imaging orders and consult a CDSM seamlessly without disrupting the ordering workflow. The portal allows furnishing providers to review, prioritize and approve referrals in real-time. The CDSM Portal benefits ordering physicians and radiologists by providing the most efficient CDS workflow using evidence-based guidelines.

The Benefits of  the Speed of Care Portal Solution

  • Easy to deploy
  • Easy to use by providers – provide seamless ordering workflow for imaging order entry and consulting appropriate use criteria.
  • Lower cost structure
  • Cloud-based
  • Uses Speed of Care CDSM Plug-in — meets all the CMS requirements for the mandate
  • Avoid delays to patient care
  • Reduce unnecessary medical imaging


Combined, the CDSM Plug-in and CPOE Portal is a fully functional diagnostic imaging CPOE portal. The portal includes the following capabilities:

  • Ordering
    • Patient Search
    • Create order (customized by location)
      • Patient details
      • Select facility
      • Select ordering diagnosis and/or reason for test.
      • Select service
    • Integrated CDSM Plug-in
  • Results
    • Radiology transcriptions
    • Diagnostic Images (future)
  • Account Management
    • Registration
    • Login / logout
    • Password recovery
    • User Settings
    • Favorites / Preferences
  • Administration Dashboard
    • Maintain Radiology Services/Tests
    • Reporting
    • User Maintenance